How It work for you

CP Editor eliminates all the repetitive and boring tasks that you have to do during a contest, it automates all the automatable task allowing you to only focus on your code.

Fetch testcases

CP Editor can fetch testcase automatically from almost all competitive programming sites. Say bye to error-prone copy-pasting.

Code faster

Code faster with its amazing customizable code snippets. In just two seconds you can insert a whole DFS code into your editor.

Get verdicts

You can get verdicts for your sample testcases in one click by built-in checkers or checkers from testlib. You can also add your own checkers.

Run any code
At any time

We know that you want to test something without a temp file

You can run codes in one click without saving them by yourself, and the hot exit feature makes it easy to restore from your last session. But if you have chosen where to save, the executable files will be there, too.

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Dark themes?
We got you covered

Our lives are colorful, why not our coding editor

We have added five different themes for you to choose from Light, Drakula, Monkai, Solarised and Solarised Dark. If that does not satisfy you, ask us on our community and we will provide you more.

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Errors and Warnings?
We lint them while you are coding

Save your precious contest time by code linting

Using Language Server, we provide real-time linting for errors and warnings in your code, just like Intellisense in VSCode and Atom. You can see squiggles under the warnings and hover over them to get tooltips.

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We can submit your
Solutions to Codeforces

All thanks to Competitive Programming Community

We have gathered the best tools in competitive programming and merged them into one Editor. One such tool is called CF Tool, we have added it so you can submit and get verdicts in the editor.

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Unique Screens that work perfectly

We have made a simple yet powerful UI that shouldn't confuse you when solving problems
Everything you need is always in front of your eyes

Feedback from Community

Our Community support us and keep us alive, and we love to hear their feedback
See what other Competitive Programmers have to say about our editor

Full support for
C/C++, Java and Python

Use the language you like

We officially support three languages in the editor. You can set the compile commands and run arguments. It really gets exciting when we give you the opportunity to use different languages in different tabs with one-click options.

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Got Impressed by our features?

We are excited that you have chosen to try this editor.
We hope that our Editor will fulfill all your needs in Competitive Programming.
CP Editor is, "by competitive programmers, to competitive programmers, for competitive programmers".